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 The franchise of Nai Lu-na by Anastasia Ivanova boutique network is ideal for everyone who sees himself in the fashion industry and is ready to work under the brand of the famous Ukrainian designer.
We provide an opportunity to open own boutique under our brand, which has been successful for more than 10 years and is popular in Ukraine and abroad. Well-established business model guarantees quick payback period and high profitability.
The franchise format provides for special purchase prices for collections, unified marketing concept of services promotion, as well as unified pricing policy for all participants of the franchise network.
Within the framework of cooperation, the partners are provided with a full package of options necessary to open a boutique and to successfully conduct business in the future.


The feature of Nai Lu-na by Anastasia Ivanova brand is that the designer creates only dresses!
"A small habit of wearing dresses is a huge investment in the woman's private life," Anastasia Ivanova says.
Such a philosophy makes Nai Lu-na by Anastasia Ivanova brand not only charismatic-popular, but also very profitable.
Anastasia Ivanova's collections are sold in many multi-brand stores around the world. The quality and sophistication of the brand have been appreciated by Ukrainian celebrities for a long time. Among the star clients of Anastasia Ivanova are TV hostesses Solomiya Vitvitska, Olha Sumska, Vlada Lytovchenko, singer Anna Dobrydneva, Alyosha, Maria Sobko, ILLARIA, LILU, Olya Polyakova, Goryachiy Shokolad band and many other famous women of Ukraine.
"My clients often tell me that my clothes bring good luck," Anastasia Ivanova reveals. So let it bring good luck to you too! Now Ukrainian entrepreneurs have an opportunity to open their own boutiques with inimitable dresses from Anastasia and give women of their cities the opportunity to dress beautifully, feminine and stylish.


Franchising is an invention that allows in a very simple and effective way to develop business by adopting the experience of the parent company. It helps to achieve success even for novice entrepreneurs who do not have the experience of doing business.
The concept of Nai Lu-na by Anastasia Ivanova franchise is built on a well-established and proven business model. This will allow network partners to develop business in the fashion industry in much safer and more promising way and to ensure their financial stability.
In order to become a partner and participant of Nai Lu-na by Anastasia Ivanova franchise network, it is necessary to accomplish a number of important conditions. For example, it is necessary to have the needed working assets, find a floor space for a future boutique that meets the requirements of the franchiser, and it is desirable to have experience in business. But the most important condition is the desire to develop your business by investing in the development and promotion of the brand in your region, as well as the desire to establish long-term, reliable partnerships on mutually beneficial terms.
The comprehensive support from the franchiser is an important factor and advantage. Partners of Nai Lu-na by Anastasia Ivanova franchise network are provided with consultations on selection of the floor space, support in the opening and subsequent operation of the boutique. For these purposes, the work of specialists team is envisaged. The franchise terms also include constant assistance in the formation of the product range, providing contacts of the best equipment suppliers for the boutique, conducting training programs and attestations for sales personnel.
All boutiques are provided with a modern IT-system to control the inventory movement and work with customers.


Nowadays in Ukraine most of the famous European and Ukrainian brands are represented in the form of a franchise. Why did franchising become so popular? First of all, its advantage lies in minimizing the risks of investment loss, since the franchise buyer is offered a business model that has been tested by time and experience. The franchise acquisition also automatically removes the potential business owner's questions, related to the concept, format, suppliers, standards of activity - all this under certain conditions will be provided by the franchiser, who will provide all possible support in store opening and doing business.
The undisputed advantage of Nai Lu-na by Anastasia Ivanova franchise is the wide recognition of the brand. Publications about Anastasia Ivanova's collections are regularly published in the magazins like VIVA!, WELLNESS, TOUCH, FPost, COSMOLADY, Ukrainian People, Natalie, Otdohni! and in other Ukrainian publications. Such well-known foreign media as ELLE and Collezioni also write about designer. Videos from Anastasia Ivanova's shows also repeatedly appeared on the air of the prestigious Fashion TV channel - the world's largest fashion-resource.
Business brings pleasure only when in it, in equal shares, two goals are realized: to make profit and to give people joy, to satisfy some really important needs of them. The franchise of Nai Lu-na by Anastasia Ivanova boutique network is the business that satisfies every woman's need to be beautiful, to be liked by herself and others, is the business in the fashion industry in cooperation with one of the brightest Ukrainian designers - Anastasia Ivanova.